Built for solar

Built for solar

Jigawatt isn't another cookie-cutter CRM. From solar professionals, for solar professionals.


Get quality leads delivered directly into Jigawatt's solar CRM.

Solar lead funnels powered by The Wiz

Your Jigawatt platform can be extended with your very own online self-help tool, which we proudly call "The Wiz." This interactive experience allows website users to locate their roof in satellite view, designate the best areas for solar panels (after a quick, fun education). After mapping their arrays, they are presented with PV Watts production estimates, as well as financing and energy savings projections.

Generate solar leads


Design, quote, and sell a solar system, all within the comfy confines of Jigawatt.

Design Layouts

Use Jigawatt's proprietary solar layout tool to whip up array renderings in seconds. Integrated with PV Watts to give you accurate production data on the fly.

Design Layouts

Build Quotes

Let your sales team bang out redline-driven quotes with ease. Base your quotes off of designed layouts and per-watt pricing, or quote a-la-carte.

Build Quotes

Send Proposals

Branded, customizable presentations are automatically generated from quotes. Your perspective customers will appreciate the clear and concise pricing breakdown.

Generate proposals


Keep tabs of your leads and ongoing projects with the integrated solar CRM.


Configure status pipelines to match your specific company process and keep projects moving forward.


Notes & Activity

Keep your team on the same page. View the activity and add notes on a project.

Notes and Activity

Integrated libraries

Experienced in solar procurement, we understand the struggle of keeping track of available financing options and materials.

Loan Directory

The Loan Directory contains all of the available solar financing options on the market. You are able to select which loans your company offers and set your dealer fee.

Once configured, Jigawatt does all of the math for you, calculating effective monthly payments based on a range of variables.

Sungage Financial
Service Finance

Materials Catalog

We’ve curated a full database of available solar products. That means less manual data entry when you are building your products list. Just choose the items from the catalog, set a price, and go!

Catalog values are used in the public-facing Wiz to give your site visitors accurate, conditional pricing and production estimates.