Built for solar

Built for solar

Jigawatt isn't just another CRM. From solar professionals, especially for solar professionals.


The first impression is the most important! Get quality leads delivered from your website directly into your Jigawatt pipeline.

Solar lead funnels powered by The Wiz

Ideal for solar dealers who are effective at web and social media marketing, The Wiz gives users an interactive, informative experience designing their own PV system and seeing the costs and benefits in real time.

Your Jigawatt Core platform can be extended with this online self-help tool, which you can place on your website or anywhere in your lead funnel (typically right at the throat, where leads are made!). This interactive experience allows website users to locate their roof in satellite view, laying out the best areas for solar panels (following a quick, fun education). They then map arrays and place panels on their virtual rooftop, whereupon they are presented with PVWatts production estimates, as well as financing and energy savings projections.

Generate solar leads


Anything worth doing is worth doing right! Design, quote, and sell a photovoltaic system, all within the comfy confines of Jigawatt.

Use Jigawatt's proprietary solar layout tool to whip up detailed array renderings in seconds. The system designer is integrated with PVWatts to give you empirical production data on the fly.

Design Layouts

Empower your sales team to bang out thoughtful, detailed quotes with ease. Base your quotes on your custom-designed layouts, pricing your sales either on a simple per-watt basis, or via detailed itemization. Factor in your redline rates and markup for real-time, accurate profit projections. Apply cash payment options or actual lender rates for bottom-line pricing.

Build Quotes

Automatically generate branded, customizable presentations from quotes. Your prospective customers will appreciate the clear and concise project breakdown, detailed and accurate savings projections, and all around good looks.

Generate proposals


Keep tabs on sales leads and active projects with ergonomic CRM tools.

Custom-configure your Kanban-style pipelines to reflect your specific processes, and to keep your projects moving toward victory.


Keep all your people on the same page with every single project. Jigawatt keeps a detailed, inutitively-organized history of everything you do.

Notes and Activity

Integrated libraries

No solar company is an island! Keeping clear channels with your lenders and suppliers is the key to painless procurement.

Loan Directory

Run our Lender-integrated loan calcs on the projects you quote in seconds. Get detailed loan specifications — rates, payments, dealer fees, and more — with just a couple of clicks. Jigwatt does all the math.

Sunlight Financial
Concert Financial

Materials Catalog

Build out your projects with actual solar products from an actively-maintained database. Itemize your quotes with the products you carry, and price each item with all the detail you please.

The Materials Catalog also integrates with the public-facing Wiz to give your site visitors accurate, conditional pricing and production estimates.