Build Solar Quotes

Calculate system costs, redline, and financing.

Solar quote tool

Solar quotes in a snap.

Hard-delete that convoluted bastard of a spreadsheet. Let Jigawatt turn the most tedious part of solar sales into a walk in the park!

Flexible calculation options

Jigawatt quotes offer various methods of running numbers — all for your convenience. Price items by the watt, by the unit, or as a line item. Since these values are all tied together, each calculates automatically from whatever you key in.

This keeps numbers up-to-date as you finagle your quote, changing rates, adding panels, and tacking on that one thing you maybe forgot.

Solar quote controls

Income and expense itemization

Single-value inputs for Sales Price and Redline are found right on the quote. But for adders or a more complex cost structure, you turn on itemization! This layer sits snugly beneath your Sales Price and Redline...drop in and add all the line items you want (microinverters, batteries, racking, labor costs, permitting fees, etc.) and watch all the costs roll up into easy-to-read totals you can quote..

Solar quote itemization

Stackable payment methods

Some customers pay cash. Others opt for a loan. Some pay a chunk down, and float two or three different loans for the rest. Jigawatt cares about making sure you get paid, so it's flexible enough to accommodate whatever wacky payment scheme your customer may throw at you.

Solar quote payments

Integrated financing library

Loan payments are calculated from real solar-industry loan products from the lenders you know and love. We maintain a comprehensive library of solar lenders and the products they offer, so estimating monthly payments is as simple as choosing a loan from a list. Jigawatt shows you pre- and post-amortization conditions where applicable. We've even integrated our system directly with a few of them!

Solar financing library

Incentives and rebates

Each new quote comes with the federal Solar ITC automatically factored in. You can add your own rebates and incentives with a couple of clicks, calculating them per-watt, as a percentage of the sales price, or as a single, flat rate, depending on how they work. Incentives are automatically factored into the cost breakdown on the proposal.

Solar quote incentives

Proposal builder

Part of every Jigawatt quote, the proposal is automatically compiled — according to how you configure it — from your layout and quote values. The proposal is a compilation of digital slides you can present to you customer, which showcases the specifics — specifically the benefits — of the PV system you're proposing.

Solar proposal builder