Build Solar Quotes

Calculate system costs, redline, and financing.

Solar quote tool

Solar quotes in a snap.

Make the most arduous part of selling solar ridiculously easy. Say goodbye to training your sales team how to use your convuluted quoting spreadsheet... go to the beach instead!

Flexible calculation options

Jigawatt solar quotes offer two methods of sales price and redline calculations: Per-Watt or Fixed Total. One option can be active at a time, with the other being automatically calulated on the fly.

Quote components are interconnected, which triggers recalculations in real time. For instance, changing the per-watt sales price automatically adjusts the payment amounts and their children.

Solar quote controls

Stackable payment methods

Include multiple cash and financing payments within a single quote. Ammorotized loans are broken down into pre- and post-ammortization monthly payment schedules.

Solar quote payments

Integrated financing library

Figuring out solar financing is typically a big ol' pain in the keister. Not in Jigawatt! We maintain a comprehensive library of solar lenders and their loan types, so estimating monthly payments is as simple as choosing a loan from a list.

Solar financing library

Incentives and rebates

Easily add your own rebates on a per-quote basis. Incentives can be calculated per-watt, a percentage of sales price, or a flat total. Each new quote automatically includes the federal ITC rebate.

Solar quote incentives

Proposal builder

Each quote includes a configurable presentation builder. The presentation you give your customer is a compilation of digital slides, automatically generated from the Quote, that showcases the specifics–and the benefits–of the PV system you're proposing.

Solar proposal builder