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Generate beautiful presentations for your prospective customers.

Solar proposal generator

Bring it home, baby.

Convert those leads to customers with clean, concise presentations that generate themselves at the click of a button. Change up the order and visibility of pages to jive with your sales pitch, send it off, and close the deal.

Solar benefits, visualized

Proposals in Jigawatt are rich in both data and sexiness. The lifetime value of solar can be a bit confusing for everyday folks, but the breakdowns and visualizations are clear, concise, and to the point. Get ready to hear a lot more "YES!" and a lot less "huh???" when you propose out of Jigawatt.

Solar proposal data visualizations

Configurable slides

Make your quotes unique to the job, to your customer, and to your sales style. Turn slides on and off and put them in whatever order makes the most sense, on a quote-by-quote basis.

Solar proposal builder

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Jigawatt makes it easy to get your proposals in front of your customers. You can:

  • Click a button to open the proposal right from your quote. Just turn your screen around to present it!
  • Copy a secure link to send via email, text, or any DM app.
  • Download a PDF, which you can email or even print (interactivity is limited in the PDF, of course).
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