Design Solar Layouts

Build arrays and calculate production in real time.

Solar layout tool

Intuitive. Lightweight. Powerful.

Quickly generate PV arrays and calculate their expected output without ever leaving the Jigawatt ecosystem.

Ergonomic design controls

Using integrated satellite mapping, lay out a solar design right on the rooftop. Add and edit arrays. Flip and rotate panels. Adjust the roof pitch, setbacks, and azimuth, all at breakneck speed.

Solar layout controls

Capacity and production output

Jigawatt consults PVWatts in the background to get accurate, authoritative production data. If you have utility bills handy, plug them in and model up the offset!

Draw solar array

Real-time quote comparisons

Create multiple quotes straight from the layout tool. Dial in the system parameters and watch the financial values update in less than a heartbeat.

Solar layout controls

Integrated panel library

One solar panel specification can be night-and-day different from another one. Jigawatt makes it easy to track with a comprehensive materials catalog that boasts essentially every panel on the market. Choose your favorites (or whichever ones you can get) and use them in your layouts and quotes.

Choose solar panels