Design Solar Layouts

Build arrays and calculate production in real time.

Solar layout tool

Intuitive. Lightweight. Powerful.

Quickly generate solar system array layouts and its expected output without ever leaving the Jigawatt ecosystem.

Ergonomic design controls

Using integrated satellite mapping, lay out a solar system design right on the roof to be solarized! Flip and rotate panels, set roof pitch, setbacks, and aziumth, and create multiple arrays with breakneck speed.

Solar layout controls

Size and production output

Jigawatt lets PV Watts do the heavy lifting of calculating production data. If you have energy usage data for the property, get offset estimates with the click of a button!

Draw solar array

Real-time quote calculating

Create multiple quotes directly from the layout tool. Watch how changes to a layout affect the costs and income of attached quotes.

Solar layout controls

Integrated panel library

You can't have a solar system without panels! No need to worry about tracking down specs for the panels you install – we've done that leg work for you. Simply choose your panel from our comprehensive collection of every solar panel on the market.

Choose solar panels