The Wiz

The Wiz

Generate leads like a solar sorcerer!

Solar lead generator

Build your own solar lead generator with magical tech from Jigawatt.

The Wiz is a rich solar experience that gives your site visitors — soon to be your customers — a fun, interactive, and educational first impression. Users locate their rooftops, design their own solar layouts, and have so much fun doing it, they can't wait to give you their phone number!

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Customize your Wiz

Customize your Wiz's logo, colors, and messaging to match your brand.

Set up panel types, system pricing, and loan options to fine-tune the automatic price estimates.

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Personalize your Wiz with your own logo and color scheme.

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Panel Options

Offer your choice of panels, with optional cost adders.

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System Price

Set up pricing tiers based on system size.

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Conversion Tracking

Configure your wiz with your pixel or analytics code to track the effectiveness of an ad or landing page.

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Control where new lead notifications are sent. They are also automatically imported into your leads pipeline.

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Customize your messaging!

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Deploy and promote

Funnel prospective customers to your Wiz by linking to it from your website or ad campaigns.

Like every worthy part of an automation ecosystem, the Wiz plays nicely with the top tracking tools, granting you profound insights into every visit, submission, and bounce. Simply plug in a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics code, and let the bots work their magic.

Solar lead generator

Do nothing! (but get leads)

Kiss off the tire kickers and crummy leads... just sit back and let The Wiz do your dirty work!

Prospects who submit their info through your Wiz drop immediately into your Jigawatt pipeline. Integrates with Zapier The Wiz works with Zapier!



Set up your pipelines to jive with your very own sales process. CRM those leads into pure gold!

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Questions & Answers
How does the Wiz calculate solar production?

The Wiz gathers all the system parameters and shoots them off to PVWatts, NREL's industry-standard tool for estimating PV productivity. Calculations are performed in an instant using Interwebs magic.

What are you slick AF Jigawatters doing with the leads that come in through my Wiz?

Ignoring them completely. The last thing we want to do is call up a bunch of homeowners. That's your job.

We also don't slide them under the table to other solar companies. If we wanted to be a lead gen company, we wouldn't be offering The Wiz to you for a measly $300/month, now would we? Also, that's essentially stealing.

What if the visitor does a lousy job designing their solar array?

This is expected, to be honest! The Wiz does some quick schooling, but most folks don't have anywhere near the solar designing chops you do. You'll almost certainly be making some revisions before you close the deal, which, of course, is cake using Jigawatt's layout and quoting tool.

On the bright side, they had fun getting to know your company, and have probably figured out that going solar will be a big win for them, and now they want to talk to you. Wiz leads tend to be very highly qualified.

But wait... if everyone is using The Wiz, how does it help me stay ahead of my competitors?

Good point... I guess is mainly helps you not fall behind. Are you feeling the FOMO already?