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Jigawatt Core


Jigawatt Pro


Task Automation Lists
Itemized Quoting
Electronic Contracts
File Organization


Supercharge your Jigawatt subscription with these optional add-ons.

The Wiz

Interactive lead generator

$300 per wiz

Lender APIs

Loan calculations straight from the lender


Enhanced Maps

Higher resolution aerial imagery

Coming soon
Questions & Answers
Can I change my service level after signing up?

Yep! You can switch seamlessly between Core and Pro levels without data loss. You'll obviously lose access to certain features if you downgrade your level, but the information will still be there when you're ready to upgrade again.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course! Any user with the Billing permission can deactivate the automatic renewal of your Jigawatt account. You don't even need to break up with us over the phone... just click a button and you're free!