Supercharge your solar process

Supercharge your solar process


Productivity software for solar dealers and installers

Generate, manage, quote, and convert quality leads using Jigawatt's fully-integrated software suite.

Solar CRM

Solar CRM

Lead tracking and project management

Solar designer

Layout Designer

PV system configuration and forecasting

Solar quoting

Quote Builder

Solar pricing, financing, and proposals

Design systems. Generate quotes. Manage projects.Under one (solar-powered) roof.

Jigawatt streamlines your company's workflow with a full suite of tools, offering you the ability to design, quote, and sell solar projects with one fun-to-use platform.

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Sunlight solar finance
Concert solar finance
Mosaic solar finance
Greensky solar finance
Dividend solar finance
Enerbank solar finance
GoodLeap solar finance

Integrated Financing

Calculate accurate loan payments with lender-powered APIs and an internal loan library.

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Solar CRM
...and so much more

Keep all the info relevant to your solar projects in one place: Notes, conversations and activity live alongside quotes, layouts, and proposals for maximum organization and efficiency.

Solar CRM
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The Wiz

Solar lead gen for innovative web marketers

Marketing with click funnels and SEO? Give your web visitors a smashing first impression — and your reps the opportunity to strike while the iron's hot! Jigawatt's slick, self-help PV design experience educates and inspires your prospects to go solar, and to let you be the one to take them there.

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Built by folks who know solar.

We Jigawatters can appreciate how complex a solar project can be…we were slinging glass way back when solar was more of an expensive, zero-carbon toy to show off to your neighbors. We kinda grew up around the solar value proposition…hell, we pioneered it! And in so doing, we recognized how much it needed to be automated. So we embarked on a quest to create the most intuitive, most powerful, most fun-to-use software the solar dealers of the world had ever seen.

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