Notes & Activity

Keep tabs on your projects with a clear, running dialogue and detailed event logging.

Solar project notes and activity

Notes and history in one place

Say goodbye to lost email threads, forgot-to-copies, and disjointed side conversations. Keep your team up to speed with the integrated activity log and discussion portal.

Project notes & activity

Everything that happens on a project gets logged in this conversation station, from the automatic event notes when people go about their jobs, to the conversations they have in the meantime.

Project discussion


When discussing your solar projects, it's useful to be able to mention specific aspects without any confusion as to what, specifically, you're talking about. When writing notes, you can tag quotes, layouts, other users, and more, creating an automatic link to that specific entity.


Sticky Notes

When something is too important to get buried in the running dialog, create a sticky note for it. These sortable cards stay where you put them indefinitely, or until you move them someplace else. Sticky notes accept attachments, too!

Sticky notes